Author Guidelines

Academic studies complies with the following requirements below are published in Trakya University Journal of Quality and Strategy Management. 

1.In order for any article to be published in Trakya University Journal of Quality and Strategy Management, it should not have been previously published or accepted to be published elsewhere. Papers presented at a conference or symposium may be accepted for publication if clearly indicated so beforehand.

2. All researches subjected comparison of the products with their trade names are not in the scope of our journal.

3. Manuscripts should be typed on A4 format (29/7x21cm) paper with 12 pt and 1 line space. They are arranged properly margined (6.2 cm from top, 5.5 cm from bottom, 4 cm from right, 4 cm from left, 5.2 cm from header, 5 cm from footer), and not exceeding 8000 words. 

4. Unpublished articles are not sent back to the writer.

5. First line of the paragraphs in the text will start 1 cm from inside. Title of the article will be written with capital letters starting from the left top of the page by leaving 4 lines empty space. Subtitles will be placed in accordance with the paragraph order (1 cm from inside). 

6. Articles are submitted according to the order of Abstract, Introduction, Methods and Results.

"APA style” should be used in the articles.

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